Sunday, August 24, 2008

Who will win the U.S. Open?

Elena Dementieva has finally gotten rid of her service problems, and she won gold in Beijing. She has been to major finals before, and knows her way around three sets.

Dinara Safina is undeniably the hottest player on the tour right now, with a greatly improved mentality, but she showed some vulnerability in her service disaster in the Beijing final.

Serena Williams is totally unpredictable, and can never be counted out. She appears to be physically healthy, and that makes her a top contender.

Ana Ivanovic has not had much match play lately because of her thumb; on the other hand (no pun intended), she is not worn out from Beijing activity.

Jelena Jankovic is, as far as I know, still injured to some degree, and has not had much match play, but has to be very hungry, and her serve is much better now.

Venus Williams is considered a contender by some people, though I am not one of them.

Any others?

If the Open were to be won by a first-time major title winner, who would it most likely be?

If the Open were to be won by someone not on the above list, who would it most likely be?



Anonymous said...

Well I would have to say my sentimental favourite would be lindsay davenport, because it would be the most fitting of farewells, however her injury will prevent that from happening. Other than that, I assume the winner will come from the people you mentioned

Anonymous said...

Ana Ivanovic

Anonymous said...

I'm desperately hoping it's gonna be momo. :)

or if not, then Kuzzy.