Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Only two days in, and I want to turn the sound off

The U.S. Open commentators are up to their usual incompetence and laziness, mispronouncing players' names right and left. In fact, it is rare that they pronounce a player's name correctly. If I did my job at the level of competence they do theirs, I would be in trouble.

Tracy Austin informed us that Lindsay Davenport now has a new fan base--moms. That may be so, I don't know. But with all the constant fuss about Davenport's and Bammer's motherhood, I am still waiting to hear glowing words about Tzipora Obziler's new motherhood. I supposed that one doesn't count, and God forbid anyone should mention it on the air.

Speaking of parenting, though, Ted Robinson impressed me (as he always does, with his language devoid of sexism and his refusal to appeal to 11-year-old males) with his comment that Patrick McEnroe's acceptance of a coaching job with Andy Roddick seemed like an awkward one, given that he has twins on the way. Can you imagine any other commentator (except, perhaps, Mary Carillo) saying that about a man?

As for John McEnroe...Ana Ivanovic's so-called fist pump is a lot of things, but "elegant" is not one of them.

And speaking of Ted Robinson and Mary Carillo...does anyone else think they were separated at birth? They not only look alike, they sound alike and have some of the same mannerisms.


Anonymous said...

yeah it's so unfair WTA never even acknowledges Tzipi as a "mum on tour"!

btw...her little girl is gorgeous - she did an interview with some mag in Israel a while back.


Diane said...

I saw Lindsay's interview yesterday, and she said she and Bammer were the only two mothers on the tour. She didn't even know...