Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jankovic says her fitness is not that good

I did not see Jelena Jankovic fall to the ground during her second round match and not get up for a while She says she stayed down because she felt so much fatigue. After her match, she got on the treadmill, as is her custom, and after only three minutes, she began to cramp, so she got off. The cramp involved her most recent injury, the torn meniscus. It doesn't look good, does it JJ fans?


mjgrace22 said...

I saw the match and she didn't really fell down. She did that splitting maneuver that she always does to reach Arvidsson's dropshot and when she lost the point, she lied down there for like 30 seconds. The commentator even said that he doesn't know if she's really hurt or just acting. I think Jelena was just being Jelena at that moment.

Diane said...

I read that she fell, but I know what you mean, and I'm sure it wasn't a fall. But I do think the fatigue is real.

Anonymous said...

JJ - stop wearing those damn killer heels. they don't do any good for ur feet/legs!