Thursday, August 21, 2008

Experts' picks for the U.S. Open

I'll add them as I get them.

Steve Tignor--Serena Williams

Mary Joe Fernandez--Serena Williams

Darren Cahill--Ana Ivanovic

Jon Wertheim--Elena Dementieva (more or less--it's a somewhat coy prediction)

Brad Gilbert--Elena Dementieva

Ravi Ubha--Dinara Safina

Greg Garber--Dinara Safina

Sandra Harwitt--Venus Williams

Bonnie D. Ford--Dinara Safina

Matt Wilansky--Elena Dementieva

Bud Collins--Venus Williams


Anonymous said...

No one picked dinara? Well yet anyway...
I would have thought she would be a good bet on her current form..

Anonymous said...

Cahill is an idiot for picking Ana. And I'm an Ana fan. She's hurt, she's played 5 matches since Roland Garros, and the furthest she's been at the USO is the quarters. She's a great hard court player, but the surface at the USO is a tick too quick for her.

Diane said...

It's interesting that no one picked Dinara, but her disastrous Olympic gold medal match could be the reason. I think it's hers to lose, but lose it she might if she doesn't do something about her service inconsistency.

Cahill's reason for picking Ana is that she will be fresh and the others will supposedly be tired.

U said...

I pick Jankovic.

I know she's always injured, has poor score against top10 players this year, never been in GS final...
But, she is consistent, big fighter, has better 1st serve, she had great results in NY. And the most important: she has a new (yellow) dress for US Open ;) , she has a beautiful smile, she's funny and always enjoys playing tennis.

I picked her because SHE IS (in one word) FABULOUS! :)

Go JJ!

p.s. plus, other top girls are so unpredictable, they can fade in a minute and lose, so I hope Jelena will use her chances.

Diane said...

Well, you know I want JJ to win. It would make my week. But I would also be very happy with a Safina win!