Thursday, August 28, 2008

What they said--day 4

"Like at one point I was thinking like to maybe stop at the end of this year. So I guess maybe now I'm going to think about like keep playing."
Julie Coin

I was reading that tennis players get a lower percentage of various event revenues than other athletes such as golfers, basketball players, football players. I was just curious, since you're pretty well‑known in this business, if it's a topic of discussion, if you have any thoughts on that?

"Not at this moment, no. Let me think about it so I make sure I say something real politically correct."
Venus Williams

"This was tough, you know, when a coach doesn't want to hear a player opinion, even if I'm wrong, but at least he can talk--he can listen and then we can discuss and not always say his opinion. So I think this is the reason, like, why we started to fight a lot on the court. And then it was not‑‑I mean, I have enough stress on the court playing a match and if I go on practice and I'm still fighting with my coach, I don't need this."
Dinara Safina, on why she changed coaches

"She's kind of an idol in France. Everybody loves her."
Julie Coin on Amelie Mauresmo

"She's pretty much relentless. I better be ready. That girl is a tough cookie."
Serena Williams on her upcoming match against Ai Sugiyama

"Yeah, it's very different, because the way I enter these tournaments now is completely different. I used to be favorite and now I'm more of really not knowing what's going to happen and how my game is going to be. So it's‑‑I don't know if I savor it more. It's more surprising probably."
Amelie Mauresmo

When did you sense everything was going your way?
"When it was over."
Julie Coin


mjgrace22 said...

Re: Venus's comment

She's really a gem. One of the few women on tour who's really smart and intelligent. I hope more people could be like her.

Diane said...

Yes, Venus is one sharp cookie, I agree.