Friday, August 22, 2008

It should have been the final

Even playing injured and obviously not at her best, Alize Cornet has "winner" written all over her. Even when she loses, as she did today, she impresses. The New Haven semifinal contest between her and Caroline Wozniacki was a high-quality, spirited affair, which reflected two spirited opponents.

Cornet injured her left quad yesterday (she has had this injury before), and it was obvious that she could not move quite as well as usual. However, her service game today was much improved over yesterday's off-kilter service attempts. Wozniacki's service game was excellent, and as the match progressed, Cornet wilted physically, even double-faulting to give Wozniacki match point. It was her only double fault of the match.

I have liked these two players for a while, and watching them play one another was a treat, despite Cornet's injured state. When they met at the net to shake hands, it was obvious that they, too, had enjoyed the match.

Cornet's loss may turn out to be a blessing. She really needs to give that thigh a rest before the U.S. Open begins.

Wozniacki def. Cornet, 7-5, 6-4

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