Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What they said--day 2

"I always say it's a bit like driving. When you have a straight road ahead, you can go full tilt, but when you get some hazards in the road, you have to go a bit more carefully; you put your brakes on for a while."
Virginia Wade, on the hazards of "power playing"

"Hopefully I'll be successful enough on the tour not to go to college."
Gail Brodsky

"I think he's the person like he would be always next to you. Like whenever you need help he would be there."
Dinara Safina, speaking of her brother, Marat Safin

"Nobody has ever asked me the size of my feet."
Dominika Cibulkova, replying to a question about what she wishes interviewers would ask her

"At the academy, do you always play against men or girls, or who do you practice mostly with?"
Unidentified sexist, grammar-impaired interviewer

Can you comment on the Serbian players now on the tour, how they seem to kind of start dominating?
"Do you think they're going to start dominating on the tour?"
Well, they're 1 and 2 now.
"1 and 2. You think they'll be dominating?"
Serena Williams

"...we were making jokes at Olympics. I should try compete something else because I was just doing running and sprints."
Ana Ivanovic

This is your biggest press conference, probably, in your life?
"This is my only press conference."
Gail Brodsky


Todd Spiker said...

Brodsky seems to have a wee bit of Robson in her DNA. :)

Diane said...

She does, doesn't she? (She also has that unfortunate American belief that attending college is about making money.)