Thursday, January 21, 2010

Note to Tennis Channel

I know you don't care how you pronounce the names of players who are not from the U.S., but I'm still suprised that no one has edited Kevin Frasier's "Chris Everett" out of one of your shows. As of today, I'm even more surprised that no one has edited Justin Gimelstob (who shouldn't even be on your staff)'s "Chris Everett" out of one of the new shows.

Thanks, though, for including the French Open Virginie Razzano-Tathiana Garbin match among the top 10 best shots of 2009. It was one of my favorite matches of the year, and those who didn't see it missed a great show.


Anonymous said...

When I watch tennis in the Netherlands, I always listen to the Belgian commentary. I'm a huge supporter of the Belgium tennis ladies!

Diane said...

The Belgian commentary must be very animated these days!