Friday, January 29, 2010

Allaster says drug-testing procedures should be changed

In light of the recent Yanina Wickmayer incident, Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Chairwoman and CEO has called for revisions to drug-testing procedures. Says Allaster:
Everyone in the sport has zero-tolerance for doping. We are united as all governing bodies to comply with the WADA code. I think the whereabouts program is good, but some of the procedures within the whereabouts program need to be modified for our sport. We have been active in giving our feedback to WADA on the whereabouts program, our feedback and our athletes' feedback on what should take place as it relates to the whereabouts program. Do we think the rules need to be changed? Yes, we are advocating for changes to the whereabouts program.

"What we have been saying," Allaster added, "is that what works for all sports doesn't work for our sport procedurally, when they are in competition and they are in competition ten months a year."


Anonymous said...

I'm all for change, but I hope they don't set a precedence for breaking rules just because individuals judge them unfair.

Tennis can breed some pretty unsavory personalities. One way to curb the abusiveness is to enforce the rules.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Diane said...

Thanks. It will be interesting to see the specifics of the proposed changes.

Ron Moore said...

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