Thursday, January 28, 2010

Australian Open--what they said

She just goes for broke when she faces match points.
Serena Williams, referring to Li Na

I was really curious about what I was going to feel on the court, and how my recovery would go. For me, it's not only a dream; it's a surprise.
Justine Henin

This was a great day for China, for you two women. Where are the men? Where are the Chinese men?
The Chinese men in China.
What are they doing in China, all these men?
Still sleeping. They didn't wake up....
Li Na

She serve is more stronger and she move faster. I feel I move so faster, but she's the better for me, yeah.
Zheng Jie, referring to Justine Henin

I think we respect each other a lot for that. We're both real fighters. We want to win. And I think maybe we helped each other, yeah, to get better.
Justine Henin, speaking of Serena Williams

I'm very happy she's in my way now because I know she's the best.
Justine Henin, referring to Serena Williams

Before the game I have little bit nervous because, you know, this is first semifinal in Australian Open. Also, she is my favorite player. I know is very tough match.
Zheng Jie

What qualities does she have?
Well, I think the better question would be: What qualities don't she have? She has everything from really a serve, which you might not think, but she has a really good serve, to both great backhand and forehand.
Serena Williams, referring to Li Na

I think maybe she's tired also because we played two hours on the court. I mean, if someone running two hours on the court, I think nobody still exciting. I think everyone was tired after two hours.
Li Na

The last time you played Serena was Miami 2008.
Don't talk to me about that one.
Justine Henin

Have you given yourself a timeline...?
Oh, God, no. Yeah, I say till someone takes me out back and shoots me.
Serena Williams

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