Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australian Open miscellany

Esther Vergeer, I just realized, is not competing in this year's tournament. That means, of course, that Korie Homan is seeded first in women's wheelchair competition. If anyone knows what happened to Vergeer, please post in the comments section.

As usual, umpires are not enforcing the 20-second rule in serving. And James Martin wants to know when they are going to enforce the no-coaching rule. He talks about Justine Henin (who was routinely getting signals from her coach during her match against Petrova), but Henin is certainly not alone in getting coaching from the stands. In fact, in an interview a couple of years ago, coach Carlos Rodriguez said he coaches Henin from the stands because "everyone else does it."

I know it was Australia Day yesterday, but planes constantly buzzing the stadium during a major tournament (or any tournament) is just uncalled for.

Caroline Wozniacki and the Radwanska sisters took some time to go shopping and see a movie before Wozniacki packed to leave Melbourne.

Some members of the Australian crowd have been mocking Victoria Azarenka's screaming, which commentators insist on calling "grunting." (It isn't, though it certainly serves the same purpose.)

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