Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Australian Open--what they said

How does it feel to have a Chinese woman in the top 10?
Top 10?
Maybe I take one beer. Maybe two.
Li Na

...what was going through my head was I just had to hang in there and try to be more aggressive. The only thing I did is I probably backed up a little bit. I gave her more time to go for her shots.
Victoria Azarenka

Why do you think you weren't able to do that (close the match) when you've been able to do that so often in the past?
I don't know. I really wanted to. I can tell you that.
Venus Williams

This is a very difficult technical question I'm asking you.
When did you change the color of your hair?
Two month. No, I always change.
Many times?
Many, many, many times.
Just want to see different. Yeah. You should try, too.
Li Na

She's no pushover, that's for sure.
Serena Williams, referring to Victoria Azarenka

At 4-love, who started doing things differently, Serena or yourself?
Have you watched the match?
Victoria Azarenka

What do you say to people [who] say Wimbledon or the U.S. Open is your only hope of another major?
I don't know. Are you saying that?
Just making sure.
Venus Williams

You had your left calf bandaged.
I have everything bandaged.
Serena Williams


The Couch Gymnast said...

Li Na has to get some kudos for being the funniest woman player on the tour. Everything she says is, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not, really funny!

Diane said...

I think Li is hilarious, too. Jon Wertheim points out, in his Sports Illustrated Australian Wrap-Up, that when Li changed from being Federation-managed to independent, her extreme caution with the press disappeared, and in its place, we got this charming and funny player.