Sunday, January 24, 2010

Australian Open--what they said

Where is that composure coming from?
Good question.
Nadia Petrova

Very strong with the women, but there are no men.
Yeah, is hard question. Everybody want know.
Do you know why?
Maybe men need more hard working. I don't know.
Zheng Jie, on Chinese pro tennis

I really want to finally be a complete player. I want to quit tennis knowing that, you know, I've done everything possible, I developed as much as I could, and I gave hundred percent of it.
Nadia Petrova

She started to play better and I started to play worse.
Svetlana Kuznetsova, on her 3rd set against Nadia Petrova

You're on a bit of a revenge run.
Oh, I like that. It's fun.
Nadia Petrova

I suppose right now I am getting the best of both worlds; that’s a Hannah Montana song I still keep singing all the time. Isn’t that awful? It proves I am still a junior.
Laura Robson

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