Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australian Open--what they said

There was quite a commotion going on out there. First fighter jets flying over, then cannons exploding for Australia Day, helicopters. Were you tuning that out? Was it distracting?
Not really. I was quite focused on the match really.
You didn't hear it?
I did, of course. I'm focused, but not that focused.
Justine Henin

You played doubles yesterday. Because of your injury now, was it a mistake?
Well, if I would feel bad, you know, I would not play doubles. Physio, they did really good tape. I said to my partner, So I'm not going to run too much in the doubles, just help me a lot. She was help me actually a lot. I could sit on the bench and you could play without me.
Maria Kirilenko

Maria said you were very quick around the court, probably one of the quickest players. Do you work on that or are you just naturally fast?
Of course, I'm not too tall so I need more footwork, move so quick.
Zheng Jie

I'm saying she's playing faster tennis, closer to the lines. She tries to take time from you. She really tries to rip the ball. She doesn't stick into long rallies like as she used to, to really run everybody. She really tries to go for the winners. You know, I see her coming to the net these days more than she used to do.
Nadia Petrova, referring to Justine Henin

...how big of a challenge is that when you know you have to be intense and focused all the time?
Well, it's a big challenge, but I think we can find a good deal. You know, I'm much more relaxed than I was in the past. That's for sure. I hope it's not only because it's the beginning and I'm not going to get crazy again in six months....
Justine Henin

They changed her backhand, they changed her forehand. I thought they were pretty snappy [already].
Mary Carillo, referring to Justine Henin

She is my favorite player.
Zheng Jie, describing her semifinal opponent, Justine Henin

Then the physio taped my right leg. Then after the break, you know, the five minutes' break, I start to feel it on the left again. I was kind of feeling pain everywhere.
Maria Kirilenko

I've had quite a sore shoulder throughout all the Australian Open. Today has been really the worst day for me. I started with some pain and couldn't really get my serve going. I was double-faulting a lot. I have a feeling, you know, I was just a little bit playing with my toss to avoid the pain.
Nadia Petrova

I can do a lot of things, but just not that.
Justine Henin, turning down a plate of Vegemite.

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Todd Spiker said...

Chris Fowler tries to tempt players with that innocent-looking plate of Vegemite on crackers every year. I think he just likes to see them curl up in the fetal position on the set. It never fails, either.

Henin's reaction was the best ever. :)

I just wish they'd bring an Australian player on so that MAYBE someone would finally take him up on the offer... and gross out everyone, including me, who's ever had the misfortune of "tasting" that stuff.