Saturday, January 31, 2009

What they said

"You said your energy was a bit low in the semifinals. Did you feel that today, or..."
"Not as much. I think I upped my dosage of jelly snakes."
Laura Robson

"But I was not nervous, not even close like before the French Open final. I couldn't even sleep the night. But today I slept good and everything was fine. But just pity."
Dinara Safina

"You had some choice words in the first set. Is there perhaps something to be learned about how to deal with a couple of points that don't necessarily go your way?"
"Yeah. I'll try to be a bit quieter next time."
Laura Robson

"Why did you choose to play the juniors here?"
"You know, because like it takes a long ways to come here from Russia exactly, so that's why."
Ksenia Pervak

"Should we be surprised or maybe worried a little bit when a set in a Grand Slam final could be won at love?"
"Uhm, hmm. I don't know. I don't know how you should feel. You should never be surprised by anything that I do, though."
Serena Williams

"What was the difference? Was it physical?"
"I think it was everything. Like I played better."
Ksenia Pervak

"I don't see any reason to panic or to make thousand thoughts in my mind."
Dinara Safina

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