Friday, January 30, 2009

What they said

"Just mentally I was really tired because I had too much things going in the French Open, too many tough matches, singles, doubles all together. I was just mentally exhausted there."
Dinara Safina

"I blame the heat for the fact that I’ve been rambling like Sarah Palin and sweating like Alisa Kleybanova."
Abigail Lorge

"You were talking about 2005. In that press conference, he (Marat) said that you needed to grow up. How much of that sort of changed your thinking?"
"Well, you know, he didn't know what was going through my mind because I didn't talk to him too much, you know. He's not really the guy who has enough patience for this, you know, to have a woman's talk, you know."
Dinara Safina

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Anonymous said...

Hehe.. I loved Abigail Lorge's quote:-)