Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What they said

"Even I winning the matches and I still feel there is so much more inside, so I have to let it go."
Dinara Safina

"He said that you just basically have to enjoy and try to don't think too much."
Ana Ivanovic, on the advice given her by Roger Federer

"I can easily be 24 hours in the room without moving step from anywhere and just changing the channels on TV. That's how I am."
Dinara Safina

"I saw that I’m the 13th seed, I’m 113 (in the draw) and I played on Court 13. They say that it is unlucky for many people, but for me, it was lucky."
Victoria Azarenka

"The more you know, the worse you sleep."
Dinara Safina, on looking at the draw


leia said...

The last quote by Dinara is so funny - the comment was soooo dinara. She's one of the funniest players, even if she doesn't mean to be.

Anonymous said...

hi Diane!

I'm back home now after travelling around for the last two months.
just in time to watch AO online/live score and to start my first proper job.

you might remember my cat Fluffy who look alot like ur tortie. She got really sick while in the cattery and ended up having IV fluids/meds/ultrasound scan when we got back (over NZ$800 of treatments). Now she seems ok, just looks a bit scruffy due to patches of fur being shaved by the vet.

p.s. good to see momo demolish AI in Brisbane but every time I see that darn thigh strap I feel she's gonna "breakdown" at any minute. Lets hope she wins some slams this year, I love how she's using all her delicious slices and lobs. :)


Todd Spiker said...

Leia is right, that's an all-time great quote from Safina. ;)

Diane said...


I hope you had a wonderful trip. I'm so sorrry about Fluffy, and so glad she's well. I'm sure you won't be using that cattery again. Is there an investigation as to how she wound up sick while she was there?

Mauresmo says she has had no problem with her thigh since she arrived in Melbourne. The wrap is protective.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane

Fluffy is a very timid cat so she probably did not like the cattery environment. (however we had no problems with previous catteries who at least put her in a different area or monitor how much she eats)

the vet said if cats do not eat for 2 days they forget to eat and drink that's why she was so thin and dehydrated. (and I don't think the quality of food is that good, she only eats ScienceDiet at home)

and you are right I don't think we will be using THAT cattery again any time soon.

I hope for momo, the saying "30 is the age you finally get ur head together but ur body falls apart" does not hold!


Marinos said...

welcome back, dani, and hugs and claps(scottish for pats) for Fluffy