Friday, January 23, 2009

Damir Dokic needs to stop hitting that brandy

A heavy contender for the Absolute Tennis Father from Hell, Damir Dokic is selling his mansion and orchards and using the proceeds to open a tennis academy. Hey kids! Want to be subjected to constant abuse and insanity and get your parents to pay for it? Here's your chance.

Dokic said, "I'm struggling with how to help my child."

Can you say "delusional"?


Vicki said...
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Vicki said...

Delusional dickhead are two words that are in the realms of being nice I would use to describe him. I read that he wanted to open a tennis academy and this a laughed for a long time. Your post is right on the money.

Let's hope Jelena saying in the press last night that he not welcome will put an end to Damir in the press and Jelena gets left alone to get on with her life and her tennis career.