Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What they said

"...it wasn't going one way, it just keep going in circles. You never knew. ...I had no clue where the ball is going. I tried to hit a cross-court. It ended up behind the net, down the line. That was probably the worst part of it all."
Jarmila Gajdosova, discussing the wind

"Were you worried towards the end of the second set? Three years ago you went out in the first round."
"Playing the same court actually. Yeah, I was thinking about it. I was like, Oh, no, it's going to happen again."
Elena Dementieva

"The goal is to focus on the big events--of course the Grand Slams--but also to try to win a tournament again, which I haven't done for a couple years."
Amelie Mauresmo

"Mauresmo is not a walk in the park, is she?"
Elena Baltacha on her second round

"One year I wasn't able to come back and defend my title. One year I went crazy. A couple of years I went completely crazy. So hopefully I'll be able to stay focused this year."
Serena Williams

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