Thursday, January 22, 2009

Schnyder out of Melbourne

14th seed Patty Schnyder has made an early exit from the Australian Open, taken out by Virginie Razzano, who defeated her 6-3, 6-1. I (thankfully) did not get to see this match, but I suspect the wind had at least something to do with Schnyder's dismal result. Schnyder's unfortunate second round result brings to eight the total number of seeds who have gone out.


Marinos said...

och, patty!!!!!!!
I sat up late to watch Amelie.....a nail biter indeed, which she won, looking magnificent in bright red.....
so I have a 'sleep hangover' having gobe to bed about quarter to three.....but it was worth it.... ;)

Diane said...

I like Amelie in red, too. Let's hope we get to see a lot of that dress.

I am really disappointed about Patty, as you can imagine. I heard there was a lot of wind, and Patty probably doesn't handle wind as well as some other players. Safina cannot handle wind very well, and may well be the undoing of her.