Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Zina Garrison preparing to file suit against USTA

Now that settlement talks have failed, former U.S. Fed Cup captain Zina Garrison is preparing to file a racial discrimination suit against the USTA, which manages the Fed Cup team. Garrison claims that she was wrongly dismissed as captain. Garrison is seeking millions of dollars in back pay and damages.

The USTA is currently involved in a lawsuit filed by Marvin Dent, who alleges that the organization did not promote him to the position of Director of Tennis at the National Tennis Center because he of its bias toward the Caucasian person who received the promotion. Dent also alleges that there is a pattern of racial discrimination that has been practiced by the USTA. A few years ago, the attorney general of New York ordered the USTA to create a transparent process for chair umpire applications. This action was prompted by two suits filed against the organization by African American umpires.

The USTA denies all charges.

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