Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wimbledon--what they said

I didn’t really want to give her too many looks on second serves. I think maybe I over-thought it too much.
Maria Sharapova

It's not a good thing, but believe me, it's killing her inside. It really bothers her. We're trying to figure out what's happening.
Coach Sam Sumyk, on Victoria Azarenka's many retirements

...we played already, and I lost, so--now I have to beat her.
Petra Kvitova, commenting on Maria Sharapova

Novotna's volleys were as crisp as they were when she won the 1998 ladies' singles crown.
Matt Trollope

The hoary heads at the All England Club had determined that Kvitova's serve is so menacing a weapon that both her opponents and the public need to be alerted, much like they would be during an air raid.
Pete Bodo, on the siren that went off today during the first semifinal

She can beat anybody, any day...
Victoria Azarenka, commenting on Petra Kvitova

Is this your show?
Chris Evert to Pam Shriver, after Shriver skipped over Evert's turn in the ESPN pre-match assessment

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