Friday, June 17, 2011

Quote of the day

"...there's no Plan A or Plan B, it's all guns blazing. She's just going to take on everything she can--the serves and the returns, and, although not the greatest mover--she's almost better when on the run. The number of shots she manages to time and cream up the line when you think she's out of position is what makes it tough to play against her."
Anne Keothavong, on Petra Kvitova


Anonymous said...

Not sure what to make out of this.... Keothavong is giving Kvitova a backhanded compliment in a way. It's very easy for Keothavong to essentially say that Kvitova is a one dimensional player, but what she and most of the tour wouldn't give for Kvitova's firepower, and natural shot making ability.

Go Petra!

Diane said...

You know Keothavong--she says it like it is. But to give you some context: She was talking about a handful of women she thinks can do well at Wimbledon.

Keothavong also said she thought Kvitova's game was well-suite for grass, and she had nice things to say about her on a personal level.

I think that Kvitova's progress has stalled somewhat. She went from being an all-or-nothing hitter to someone who does some thinking on the court, and who knows how to hold back and wait. But sometimes, she looks more like the "old" Kvitova.

I hope she continues to progress, and to use her head more. She's loaded with talent, and there's something about her persona that I find refreshing--and somewhat amusing.