Thursday, June 23, 2011

Passing shots at Wimbledon

Dominika Cibulkova and Petra Kvitova are out of doubles competition at Wimbledon. They were defeated in the first round by 10th seeds Iveta Benesova and Barbora Zahlavova Strycova.

The Wimbledon website leaves something to be desired, and the mobile phone application is next to useless. "Tradition" goes only so far, I think.

I was also quite annoyed to hear a British commentator say that winning the French Open is not as spectacular as winning Wimbledon. Enough with the insecure bragging, please, especially when you're directing it at Li Na.

It hasn't escaped the attention of defending champion and four-time Wimbledon winner that she and her sister, five-time champion Venus Williams, have been put on Court 2 twice. Perhaps Williams is also waiting for her family to be invited to sit in the royal box, where, it was announced, "respect is given" to great Wimbledon champions. The Wimbledon organizers also have a pattern of postponing WTA matches when it rains, thereby forcing some WTA players to compete two days in a row.

Thanks to Steve Tignor for reporting on this message from the Daily Mirror: TELL LAURA WE LOVE HER: NOW BRIT MUST SILENCE SHRIEKING SHARAPOVA!


Todd Spiker said...

They were finally discussing the Sisters on Court 2 issue today on ESPN2. Always scheduling only one women's match on Centre Court forces the runover, they noted, but that really shouldn't stand as an excuse.

Can you imagine if Federer saw his name assigned to that court (yeah, I know -- that would never happen)? The passive aggressive -- or worse -- press conference comments would be priceless.

svente said...

Yeah, the Wimbledon website is awful.

And hey, if Wimby is the only spectacular championship (and really? Directing that at Li Na???) then the Williams' sisters should live on Centre Court.

To the tune of A Tribe Called Quest's song What: "what is wimbledon without a williams"

Heh. :D

Diane said...

Yes, he talked about winning the French Open was great, but Li should win Wimbledon for it to be, you know, really great.

What can I say? They live on an island :)