Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Notes on Wimbledon broadcasting

Marion Bartoli's in-studio chat with Martina Navratilova and Bill Macatee is my favorite interview so far. It was also amusing to hear Virginia Wade's ESPN interview earlier in the tournament. Wade talked not only about her win in front of the Queen, but about the fact that she was less than popular with some members of the British press.

Patrick McEnroe (not surprisingly) and Ted Robinson (somewhat surprisingly) insist on minimizing the WTA players by calling them "young ladies." (They're not alone, but in the U.S., we hear a lot from these two during Wimbledon.)

ESPN3 was down for a couple of hours yesterday, and was down all day today. Fortunately, there are other lives streams available.

I've already made a reference to this article, and yesterday, this one was called to my attention. Keep them coming.

Note to Hannah Storms: I know you're being paid a lot of money to be on NBC, so maybe in would be in good taste to recognize that there is no "Wimbleton" tournament being played in England.


Sunny nine said...

I tried to read those two articles about coverage but they made my head spin. All I know is that out here on the west coast we are ignored even often by the complaints. I couldn't see live coverage for the quarterfinals today on NBC because they broadcast the same thing in my 10:00 PT as in their 10:00 ET. To protect their Today show out west. So I already knew Sharapova had won etc. Then of course ESPN2 is not on, because in my timezone they are opposite each other. 10:00 for NBC (partially taped) and 10:00 (1 ET) for ESPN 2. I did see an hour of live ESPN2 at 1:00 when NBC went off the air and ESPN2 came back on in our timezone.
I don't understand the other livestreaming available. Someone directed me to some sites that had betting on them and a foreign language so I was afraid to use it. Also I need to know these sites are safe according to my protection because there are so many viruses out there. Anyway I have been getting up at 4:00 am to get some live stuff from ESPN2. Not very practical.
Also what was weird is that for some reason yesterday (manic monday) I did see live coverage of Nadal, Federer et al at 10:00 PT on NBC. I couldn't figure that one out but it didn't happen today.
My cat is getting used to the 4 am wake ups which is bad news for when the tournament ends.

Diane said...

If you don't have ESPN3 or if it isn't working (what a drag that's been), you can use http://atdhe.ws/, which is safe and requires no registration. They have doubles matches, too.

And, yes, West Coast problems exist along with and separate of all the other issues.

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