Monday, June 27, 2011

Wimbledon--what they said

Usually during those matches when I was playing against some great champion like Serena or somebody like that, I was a bit more shy, not showing too much on court. My opponent was really, like, taking all the space, and I was not able to do really anything, just appear on the scene. So it's really important for me to believe that I can win the match and overall act as a winner.
Marion Bartoli

If the ATP and the WTA want to help increase the sport’s popularity, they should encourage the All England Club and the networks to make it easy, not hard, for viewers to watch the matches they want to see.
Dave Seminara

She loves mathematics. She knows the score.
Dick Enberg, observing Marion Bartoli

Unfortunately, I seem not to have my good days against her.
Venus Williams

Yes, I'm super-happy that I lost. Go, women's tennis.
Serena Williams, after being told her defeat showed the depth of the tour

You can't let a girl that size push you around like that.
John McEnroe, showing respect for the srong-legged, hard-hitting Cibulkova

I don't care what people think or say or do.
Caroline Wozniacki

I’m more devastated than ever but I’m a much better actress now.
Serena Williams

It was a great atmosphere. I heard so many people screaming my name.
Dominika Cibulkova

For me to be able come back after having three match points and losing this game at 6-5, and still be able to bounce back, it’s really huge.
Marion Bartoli

When I come here, I just feel so relaxed. I like the atmosphere here.
Tsvetana Pironkova


Todd Spiker said...

You know, generally I'd agree with a player saying something along the lines of what Wozniacki did, but it's a lot easier to filter when it's an Henin or Serena doing it. They had/have the standing to dismiss criticism, but since much of the critiicsm Wozniacki has received has to do with her slam performances, it's hard to see what leg she's standing on with it.

I'd rather hear her say, "They're wrong, and I'll show them." It sounds less childish than her actual comments read, though I'm sure hearing them gives her words a different feel.

Have you seen this?

USA TODAY: Wimbledon Coverage Can Confuse

Nothing new, really. I know we've both been saying this type of thing for years. I'm just wondering why it took TV sports critics like him so long to do the same.

Diane said...

I hadn't seen it, no, but thanks for the link, and good for him.

ESPN3 went out this morning for a couple of hours, which made it really tough.

Anonymous said...

Same for me. ESPN3 really sucked. And it was the same three days ago. I had to find a veetle pirated stream...

bill said...

Love Serena's comment - win or lose, I'm glad she's back.

Diane said...

I liked Serena's comment, too, but no one cracked me up like Pironkova.

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