Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wimbledon--what they said

She wills herself to win; she's hungry. You don't see too many hungry players out there.
Chris Evert, commenting on Marion Bartoli

I was a little more consistent and I played my game more. I wasn't as tight and nervous. I was able to relax more today.
Serena Williams

Playing on Court 14, which sits at a noisy intersection of two of the main walkways at Wimbledon, is a universe away from playing under the translucent roof on Centre Court. The fans are jammed into narrow stands on either side of the court, so close that they can hear the players straightening their strings as they wait to return serve.
Geoff MacDonald

It's probably one of the best matches I've played at Wimbledon--even in 2007 I don't think I played that well. So it's a good feeling to end up being the winner.
Marion Bartoli

I guess I won't be watching tennis. But I've played a couple of days in a row so it will be nice to just chill out at home and be lazy. Maybe get some rain. I like the rain.
Maria Sharapova, commenting on middle Sunday

When I was up, I was always stopping my game. That's where I have to learn to get better. I gave it back to her a little bit. I tried everything, but when I led, I gave it away.
Julia Goerges

I wouldn't bet against me.
Serena Williams, asked about her top place in betting odds

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