Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wimbledon--what they said

...without the Williams, women’s tennis sheds its box office and becomes instead a procession of identikit eastern Europeans with their bouncy blonde ponytails, obsessive parental coaches, and double-handed backhands.
Jim White

Woohoo! We are in the quarters. I can get even more Wimbledon towels now.
Anastasia Rodionova

...She went down so...quietly. Serena, you know she'll be back. I believe she'll win a major again. But you have to wonder about Venus.
Chris Evert

Tough draw against Zimonjic & Srebotnik, there were some massive serves!
Heather Watson

To many people, Wimbledon means the Williams sisters. But I don't get the feeling (that it's the end of an era). I would hate to see the end of this era because—I have to be jingoistic here—if it's the end, it's the end of the U.S. era, too.
Bud Collins

I have absolutely nothing to lose.
Sabine Lisicki


Tim OBrien said...

I read the Jim White quote and couldn't believe that no one had made a comment on it. To put it in a my best English vernacular: "What a JERK"!
former D1 coach

Diane said...

That pretty much sums it up.

Anonymous said...

So true, so true Bud Collins. This is not the end of the WS!

Karen said...

I think people would have been offended by the Jim White comment if it had been said about black people but it is still so offensive. Not sure why people feel as if offensive language is only used for people of colour *shrugs*

Diane said...

I don't think it' that, Karen. I think it's that so many people don't care whether offensive language is used against women.