Friday, January 18, 2008

This and that at the Australian Open

Amelie Mauresmo on her ten double faults in the third round: "Well, it's definitely not the best thing to do in key moments, for sure."

Maria Sharapova on her father's new hoodie: "Nike gave it to him, unfortunately. He looks like an assassin."

Jelena Jankovic was fined for coaching when her mother cheered her on. Jankovic's mother is not her coach, but because she yelled out in Serbian and because those in charge could not understand what she was saying, the charge stuck. On the one hand, it sounds silly; on the other, if officials and the opponent cannot understand you, questions arise.

Serena Williams conducted a clinic for Evonne Goolagong's kids' camp.

Don't forget to listen to Australian Open Radio--the hosts are very silly and a lot of fun.

If anyone has a clue what happened to Shahar Peer in the third round (I did not see the match), please let me know.

And finally, because nothing could follow it...According to the BBC, Justine Henin is taking hip-hop dance lessons.


Todd Spiker said...

Maybe listening to Kuznetsova's pre-match music selections finally rubbed off on Justine. :)

Diane said...

Really. One of the things Sveta says about Justine is that she "puts up with my music."

Asked if she'll be busting any moves before or after a match, Henin said, "Never. Don't dream."

Anonymous said...

Maria is right on the $ - Yuri looks creepy wearing that hoodie...especially with the shades.

Hi Diane did you listen to the AO radio commentators during Amelie's match? gosh I swear the female commentator was drooling over her... "such magnificient athlete..etc.etc" also someone mentioned one of the tv commentators (male) said that his co-worker (female) was "in a trance watching Mauresmo" (sorry forgot which channel)


Anonymous said...

I missed the AO Radio coverage of Amelie, but I did hear the remark on TV about the woman being in a trance watching her. I can understand it; her form is so beautiful--it really is kind of mesmerizing.

I have a friend who lives in Geneva. One afternoon, a couple of years ago, she looked out her window into the courtyard and said she had to look again because the most striking-looking woman was standing there. She went downstairs to go to her car and realized it was Amelie.