Sunday, January 20, 2008

Carrillo promotes feminism on the tour--sort of

Commentator Mary Carill0 went on a worthy rant during the Australian Open Williams-Domachowska round of 16 match, about how few players on the tour are willing to speak up about important issues, especially issues that affect the status of women. She cited the refusal of such stars as Graf, Seles and Henin to ever speak out, and she praised the Williams sisters, Lindsay Davenport and Maria Sharapova for speaking out--especially Venus Williams.

Amen to all that, but it is especially ironic--and not in a good way--if, when one is talking about feminist issues, one calls Venus Williams a "statesman" and a "spokesman."


frankensue said...

I heard her praise Venus, which Venus deserves for her stand. But I've also heard Carillo speak of teen phenoms playing each other as "the battle of the cuties" several times. That adds nothing and plays to the sexism that has always been a strong element of tennis broadcasting. It's something old guys would say. (I can say that because I'm an old guy.) Carillo is better than that.

Diane said...

Good point. I've heard Carrillo do that, too. She would probably be surprised to know she needs some consciousness-raising.