Sunday, January 20, 2008

Justin Gimelstob: The next Dick Enberg?

Tennis commentator and recently retired ATP player Justin Gimelstob has some sexist views, which makes him--well, a lot like all the other commentators. His "sympathy" for tour players because they had to sweat in front of "glamorous" dates and wives pretty much said it all.

Now that he has a television audience, however, Gimelstob is able to do more damage. Over the weekend, he made personal comments about Maria Kirilenko's body to Maria Kirilenko, and he made several comments about both her body and Daniela Hantuchova's body. On one occasion, his fellow commentator jokingly gave him a "time-out," but we know from our experience with Dick Engerg that no real time-out will ever be given.


Anonymous said...

Justin looks as if he is about to fall asleep half the time. He is not good TV IMO.

Anonymous said...

I didn't hear the comments about the players' bodies but unfortunately I heard him speak. His English is very bad. It's quite flowery and sounds sophomoric. Perhaps he can fix it but if not, he'll have me yearning to hear a McEnroe.