Monday, January 28, 2008

Karatantcheva: interview-wise, she's almost as much fun as the Bondarenkos

Here are some snippets from a recent interview with Sesil Karatantcheva:

You have a new tattoo. Is it a sign of a new beginning?
After they banned me from the court, I needed only two days to make up my mind about the tattoo. I wanted something that was both beautiful and unique. My tattoo represents a fairy. I still believe in miracles.

Not before long you told journalists that you had a German boyfriend. How do you sustain your relationship?
God bless the mobile phones! I think that all these writings about my personal life are more than enough.

And finally, this gem...

What's the sharp lesson that you learnt from this ban?
I learnt I should always use condoms.


Anonymous said...

lmao at the last answer.

btw...what did she get banned for?


Diane said...

She was suspended for doping because a test showed there was nandralone in her system. She said nandralone was present because she was pregnant.

Well, it turns out she was indeed pregnant, but the doping commission said the level of nandrolone was too high for pregnancy to be the cause. Though it is certainly possible that this is true, it is also typical of the kind of thing the doping people say to cover their own mistakes. Adding to the suspicion is the fact that Karatantcheva was never allowed to testify on her own behalf. She was banned for two years, she lost all her ranking points, and she had to pay back $129,000.

Anonymous said...

thanks she was actually pregnant??

I saw on wikipedia that she wasn't?? oh but its wiki...

good on her for coming back with such a great sense of humour!

Diane said...

Now there are people who say she was not pregnant. We will never know.

Karantcheva has always been very funny, and she's a good player, too. Right now she's in trouble again, though, for skipping a Bulgarian Fed Cup event.

Anonymous said...

Fed cup "politics" about who's playing or not is turning into more and more of a joke especially recently.

poor Amelie who has been playing on the French team for the last 10 years gets critisized by Christian Bimes (FFT president) and Govan for skipping one tie...which she annouced months ago.

I don't know how important is fed cup but wouldn't Grandslam titles and Olympics medals bring a country more glory?