Saturday, January 12, 2008

Is anyone else having trouble with the videos on the tour site?

Back in the old days, I knew of very few people who could view videos in the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Theater. Mac or PC--it didn't matter. Now there is a whole new video collection, being touted as the next big thing, and I cannot watch the videos because of shaky, jerky sound. I have tried viewing them with Firefox and IE, with Vista Home Premium and XP Home, and with two different computers. I am having similar problems with videos on Tennis Channel, too. I have all my codecs and a fast, powerful computer. Obviously, the problem lies with the WTA site.

I filled out the contact form on the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour site. In the past, you might just as well have put a message in a bottle and stuck it in the Adriatic as send an email to the WTA--there was never an answer forthcoming. Perhaps, with their apparent interest in better customer relations, they will actually answer me this time.

Anyone else having difficulty? If you are, please fill out the contact form and let the WTA Sony Erricsson Tour site know about it.

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Diane said...

I figured this out--my screen resolution was too big. If you're having a problem with tour site videos, lower your screen resolution.