Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Sania Mirza saga continues

First, there was the fatwa put on her because of her sports clothing and her "corrupting influence." Then she got in trouble for promoting safe sex in an AIDS-ridden country. Then she was charged with trespassing when her film crew used the Mecca Masjid without permission. Then she was issued a court warning for "dishonoring the national flag of India" during the Hopman Cup: While watching a match, she stuck her feet in front of the flag. If she is found guilty, she could receive a sentence of up to three years in prison, plus a fine.

But wait...there's of Mirza's doctors has received the following threat note:
Dont treat Sania. She is getting injured because god does not want her to play as she was bringing bad name to the religion. Please don’t treat her or else you will face serious consequences. We will not hesitate to harm you. Please pay attention to the letters otherwise it should be very harmful for you.
What next? The Indian star, simply by being herself, creates ongoing controversy in her country. There is really no way that all of this drama cannot affect Mirza's tennis game. This season, she has already failed to show the promise she displayed when she returned from her long injury layoff in 2007.

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