Monday, January 21, 2008

Clueless in Melbourne

After Atalanta features a "pro-woman" article today by an obviously sexist journalist named Andrea Burns. To say that Burns doesn't get it is to understate. First, as ken points out, what hole has she been living in that she thinks gender equality exists in sports? And beyond that piece of shocking ignorance are the statements Burns makes about Amelie Mauresmo, whom she describes as "masculine," and losing "the swimsuit contest," thereby totally buying into rigid, patriarchal definitions of gender roles and physical attractiveness.

Says Burns, "Seems like a hollow victory for the girls. How can we ever be taken seriously this way?" Thank you, Andrea, but if I need a feminist advocate, I prefer to look elsewhere.

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Herzblut said...

that makes me so angry.....!!!! now, I don't know if you watch Eurosport, but there was a remark made a couple of nights ago - I wrote it down but am just getting around to catching up with myself a little - by one of the commentators: I'm not 100% sure which one, so I won't mention a name, but it was made by a man, about two female players(again apologies for not noting which match it was)
"It's not been pretty- two attractive players, but not attractive tennis"........