Monday, September 1, 2008

What they said--day 8

"Honestly, going on the court I didn't expect that I'm going to win because I was just so exhausted. I finish the warm‑up and I just said, I cannot push anymore myself. Then suddenly I started to warm up before the match, just to get warm, and I was like, Okay, I'm starting to feel better."
Dinara Safina

"I think she has a particular style of game that's different than most people, but it really works for her. I think it probably helps because most people don't play like her, so it can throw you off if you're not careful."
Venus Williams on Agnieszka Radwanska

Can you just talk a little bit about your decision this year to really make a big push and to commit to your tennis?
"What decision? I just work a lot. It's not a big decision."
Flavia Pennetta

"...after the match--after the warm‑up I just started to cry. I said, I cannot push anymore myself. He said, 'We know that you're not a machine. Just go out there and don't thinking.' He told me again, Just please don't show me any emotions, like these negative emotions. If you want, don't show even positive. Just go on the court and do whatever you can this day."
Dinara Safina

How would you define your rivalry with Venus? What words come to mind?
"Classic" and "unique."
Serena Williams

"She handles herself with so much class."
Tracy Austin, speaking of Amelie Mauresmo

"So I have to serve--my first serve is also going to be important, and also, the return. In this moment I don't want to think about that."
Flavia Pennetta

"...nowadays I throw in a slice and loopers. I don't know what's gotten into me."
Venus Williams

"Every day is a happy day. Why it has to be? Doesn't matter. When you wake up it's already happy."
Dinara Safina

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