Monday, September 8, 2008

What they said--day 14

"It kind of just kept rolling for me."
Coco Vandeweghe

"That was always a drill that we did every morning on the wall. You know, he would count how fast I could hit a hundred volleys against the wall. I did that every day for probably, I don't know, fifteen years."
Cara Black, speaking of her father

"I let it go. I had it. I had, you know, a lot, lot of chances. Second set I had a lot of set points and I didn't do the right things."
Jelena Jankovic

" game just kind of all fell together in this tournament. I kind of figured out what I've been trying to practice for the past couple months or month, and it kind of just worked."
Coco Vandeweghe

"...I got the trophy here, and you know what I was thinking? Because you guys or the commentators said all about this drama and all this, I thought, you know, I should have gotten an Oscar for all this drama throughout the week. Despite, you know, getting a trophy, I should have gotten, you know, a trophy for the acting, for my drama. I think I've done a great job."
Jelena Jankovic

Given your family history in sports and your grandmother, what's the best advice your grandmother and mother and maybe even uncle have given you?
All three of them gave you the same advice?
"Yeah. Except my grandfather tells me to skip, but I'm too embarrassed to do that."
Coco Vandeweghe

"...both of us, you know, we strive for perfection, which sometimes is a bad asset to have."
Liezel Huber

Given this is your first Grand Slam singles final, what pleased you most about your performance tonight?
"...I don't know. I don't know what pleased me because I lost. You know, it's not really pleasing when you lose..."
Jelena Jankovic

If somebody told you before this tournament started that you would be sitting here on Saturday at 3:00 about to pick up your trophy forty-five minutes later, what would you have said?
"I don't know. I'd probably say what I said when I found out I was playing Jankovic. You got to be kidding me."
Coco Vandeweghe

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