Saturday, September 6, 2008

What they said--day 13

"When I was younger, I broke my share of racquets."
Coco Vandeweghe

"In the second set I got a little tight. She plays very deep and is very consistent so I had to wait for her to make the mistakes.”
Gabriela Paz, on Melanie Oudin

"Even though I had beaten her three times before, this is the US Open. Everyone brings their best. She was the better player today. She didn’t miss anything.”
Melanie Oudin, on Gabriela Paz Franco

"I'm a risk-taker, not some backboard pusher."
Coco Vandeweghe


Todd Spiker said...

Hmmm, this isn't exactly a "what they said" comment. Well, actually, maybe it is.

During the football game, CBS just ran an ad promoting the women's final tonight between Serena Williams and Jelena "YOKE-uh-vich."

Now, there are "legit" ways for people to mispronounce her name, but that's a new one on me.

Diane said...

I'm glad I missed that one!