Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday cat blogging--Gustav evacuation editon--part 1


Anonymous said...

Hi Diane

hope your life is a bit more back to normal now.

oh the coincidence...

We have been evacuated out of our house as well! (for 2 weeks now) but ours is due to a land slip.


Anonymous said...


Amelie has split from her coach Loic and Trainer Michele!!!!

(source L'equip)

it looks like she'll be alone for the rest of the year but no word on if she'll find another coach or go it alone in 09.


Diane said...

Oh, Dani, I'm so sorry you had to evacuate. Two weeks--and who knows how much longer--is a long time. The hassle about evacutation--for me--is the actual getting everything together and leaving, and the loss of earnings.

I didn't know about Amelie, though I've heard rumors lately that she might split from Courteau. Of course, this is just for the end of the season, and they may resume their relationship next year. It's kind of sad, if it turns out to be the end--they've been together so long and are very close. I hope the friendship is intact.