Monday, June 25, 2012

Wimbledon--what they said

I don't have time to be  negative; it's not fun.
Venus Williams

I’m a little bit older and I understand the emotions better, I think, than many years ago. So I think in that way it's easier, but also probably a little bit more emotional.
Kim Clijsters

Today I was watching videos of my opponent playing, so I was going in confident. I'd been practicing well. I'd mentally prepared myself, as well.
Heather Watson

The career Slam is the best gift I could have received at this time in my career. It wasn’t a Cinderella story--I worked really hard, a lot of tough days. I couldn’t compete at a high level without a lot of pain.
Maria Sharapova

A lot of people wouldn't even have the opportunity to even come back, so I'm grateful for this opportunity. With each day that passes, that means I have another chance. If the sun comes up, I have a chance.
Venus Williams

Yesterday a Wimbledon official  said: "There are no rules regarding tattoos for players," adding wryly: "There might be if they had a huge advertising slogan tattooed across a part of their anatomy... but otherwise not."
The Daily Mail

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