Sunday, June 10, 2012

Annika Beck wins French Open junior title

18-year-old Annika Beck of Germany played her last junior tournament ever at Roland Garros, and it was one that should give her a pretty sweet memory of her junior career. Beck won the championship today, taking out Anna Schmiedlova 3-6, 7-5, 6-3. There were 13 breaks of serve in the 2-hour-and-14-minute match, and the champion hit one winner. Beck was seeded 2nd at the tournament.

The doubles title was won by 2nd seeds Daria Gavrilova and Irina Khromacheva. They defeated Montserrat Gonzalez and Beatriz Maia 4-6, 6-4, 10-8.


Klaus said...

I don't think she only hit one winner. She hit one ace and that's the only thing that's counted ;)

Diane said...

You're right--but, you kmow, I felt I had to count it.

Anonymous said...

The statistics in both of the Junior tournaments are sad. It's evident that all of the top kids are pusher/retrievers. 2 or 3 winners, maximum. 1 to 3 unforced errors in two sets.

I submit that none will get anywhere soon. The coaches are pitiful. Every kid in the world is being taught the same strokes and the same strategy: wait for mistakes, get the ball back.

It will not work in the pro game for long. By the third time around, these kids will be gone or working hard to learn to attack and to turn defense into offense.

Diane said...

No, it won't work for long at all. We can hope that at least a few of them will seek coaches who will teach them to take risks.

Anonymous said...

Petra Kvitova's beau friend reached the semis. His stats were no better.