Monday, June 4, 2012

French Open--what they said

I have never seen Zakopalova play a point when she hasn't looked grumpy.
Pam Shriver

I'm useless with game plans. That's probably the one thing [coach Thomas Hogstedt] just gets so frustrated with me about. I go out there and I do my own thing, and then he's like, after the match, "Really? What's the point? I mean, what's the point of having me?" But I apologized when I hired him, in advance, so he's okay.
Maria Sharapova

I have to focus; I have to fight, fight, fight, fight.
Yaroslava Shvedova

Was the weather a factor?
I mean, I can't change the weather....
Li Na

When she's on, she can create angles that introduce opponents to places they usually don't visit on court.
Richard Pagliario, on Petra Kvitova

That was my first fall of the clay season, which is the biggest shocker. I usually have a few before the French Open.
Maria Sharapova

Can you tell us what happened?
Nothing happened. I mean, I just tried to play the ball back to the court, but I can't.
I will find out. I will find a why, but not in today.
Li Na

They've shown more of the French Federation president on TV than they have women's tennis.
Pam Shriver

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