Sunday, June 17, 2012

Passing shots

       People tell you up is better than down
       But they never tell you which is up and which is down

Yoko Ono said that, of course, but so did Todd Spiker--in a way. "...sometimes 'up' might seem like 'down' on this countdown, and vice versa," he writes by way of explaining The Backspin MVP List, a look back at ten years of WTA Backspin's coverage of and musings on WTA players (and perhaps other "phenomena") whose wholes have--for better or worse--far exceeded the sum of their parts. Part 1 includes numbers 21 through 25 of the top 25 on the list, as well as an Honorable Mention.

Kaia Kanepi has withdrawn from Wimbledon because of a heel injury.

Melanie Oudin has been given a wild card into the Wimbledon main draw.

Arthur Ashe Stadium is getting a costly makeover, but no roof.

Ana Ivanovic has withdrawn from the AEGON International in Eastbourne. Ivanovic has a right hip injury.


Eric said...

um, not that I'm condoning Serena's past behavior...but how is Nalbie only getting a fine of 12k when there was physical harm? Serena was fined 185.5k total for her actions.

Indiscrepancy much?

I mean either they felt the stage was larger...or they were so surprised that a woman would have a reaction like that...but seriously...this is like a huge double standard.

**both players are/were wrong in their actions.

Diane said...

The sports world, like the rest of the world, doesn't like angry women. Guys "let off steam;" women "behave in an inappropriate manner."