Sunday, June 3, 2012

French Open--what they said

I think I lost this match in the first set. I started too nervous. Too many things were runniung through my head....
Petra Martic

Today was a great thing that I managed to go through these emotions....I just made it because she would never give me the match. I just made it.
Dominika Cibulkova

What went wrong for you today?
Pretty much everything, really.
Victoria Azarenka

Kerber has every shot in the book--always has, always will. Her decision-making left a bit to be desired early on, which is why she was on the fringes of the top 100 this time last year before shocking the world with her run to the semis of the U.S. Open.
Drew Lilley

The faster you play, the faster she plays. It's like playing against a wall, basically.
Petra Martic

It was really, really hard for me, and I just went through it.
Dominika Cibulkova

The most important thing is that I've started to enjoy clay courts and the game here, so it's a big step forward for me.
Petra Martic

I think after the U.S. Open I started to believe in me now.
Angelique Kerber

Victoria, what will you do in terms of recovering from such a loss?
I'm gonna kill myself.
What am I gonna do recovering? I'm just gonna go on the practice court and practice again. this tournament is over for me; what's to recover from?
Victoria Azarenka

My question about Justine Henin as a commentator is: Does she have to look at Carlos Rodriguez after every replay?
Ted Robinson


Eric said...

Hahaha. Great quote by Robinson. Is justine a commentator now? I don't know how is feel about that... American networks?

Diane said...

She's a commentator (for the French Open) in Europe. Robinson's comment made my day.