Monday, June 25, 2012

What should we call it?

Stacey Allaster is refusing to call the to-be-designed grunt-o-meter a grunt-o-meter, so please, let's think of things to call it and send our suggestions to the WTA. But remember--if we call it a shriek-o-meter, we're allowing players who actually grunt to go on grunting. If we call it a shriek/grunt-o-meter, Yanina "Woopee!" Wickmayer and Caroline "Oom-pah!" Wozniacki will slip through. Meanwhile, all the grunters on the ATP are safe, of course.

I think perhaps we should call it the Allasterator, but Snake-Ear would be good, too.


Dougie Messenger said...

Just call it what it is: The Decibel Meter
They set a volume above which a player gets a warning or two and then... the death of one thousand cuts!
Hmm. That came from Korda's "The Thief of Baghdad," so it's taken. Perhaps pummeling with one thousand tennis balls.
Regardless, the shrieking, screaming, shouting and loud grunting (Schiavone) must stop.

Anonymous said...

Well if they only focus on Maria and Vika or the decible that is unfair.
Having said that I am stepping out of the conversation (no offense to you Diane). If it ruins some of the best players and only deals with the WTA well I hope some of them sue Allaster. Having in their mission statement, the word glamour tells you what the WTA is about. Billie Jean King may have helped get more money originally but she has done nothing for sexism.
BUT, like I said I am now stepping away from the conversation. I am just going to concentrate on the play, the tennis, stay away from most websites, mute the commentators and again focus what I like best about tennis, THE ACUTAL GAME.
Besides when I bring this up I also have my husband muttering about the death of feminisim, the sexism that abounds in sport and why doesn't Vika go back to shorts and hoodies where she actually looks like an athlete.
This has nothing to do with you Diane as I generally enjoy your website but.....

Diane said...

I was actually away from it myself until I read that they are actually going to do it! I'm with Carillo--it means money for someone.

A husband could mutter worse things :)

Daniel said...

Selesometer :-)

Diane said...

Send it in!