Saturday, June 2, 2012

Passing shots

Sloane Stephens is a very lucid, active dreamer.

Patrick McEnroe predicted that Agnieszka Radwanska would win the French Open. Her recent exit from the tournament marks one of the few times that McEnroe has made an incorrect prediction about who would win a major championship.

18 years ago today, Mary Pierce defeated Steffi Graf 6-2, 6-2 at the French Open.

Had she not survived the first week at Roland Garros, Li Na said, she would have asked for a wild card into Birmingham. As it is, she's going straight to Wimbledon after the French Open.

Todd Spiker reminds us that "AMG is STILL linked in history with Anna Smashnova as the only players to ever win double-digit WTA singles titles but never reach a slam Final 8." Todd has kept an eye on Medina Garrigues for years, noting that she she holds this unfortunate distinction. And since 10 of the Spaniard's 11 titles were won on clay, it's especially daunting that she hasn't done better at the French Open. The current French Open is Medina Garrigues' 40th major. (It should be noted, however, that Medina Garrigues holds two French Open doubles titles.)


Eric said...

So...did dullko/Schwank just become the faves for the Olympics in mixed? Serena/bob and petrova/Nestor r out. Guess it shows how important chemistry and experience as a team are. I think it's interesting that both bob and Serena come from sibling pairings so they probably aren't used to having to communicate everything that usually is innate.

Diane said...

I'm surprised that Dulko even agreed to play with Schwank after his terrible collapse in the Australian Open final. Dulko had to play most of that match by herself.

Eric said...

They're in it for the long haul to get Gold.

Plus, I thought the best remedy for performance any arena... was to try, try again?


Diane said...

Something tells me they've done a lot of practicing since January.

Mike said...

I think I read that Dulko would play with Del Potro and it was Schwank himself who said so. I even found the link.

Diane said...

Oh, thanks for that, Mike.