Wednesday, June 6, 2012

French Open---what they said

...I was just very nervous in the beginning....It was tough to get any rhythm today because the balls were flying so hard from her side....
Kaia Kanepi

I expected her to come out and play really well because she's capable of. I think I was just ready for it.
Maria Sharapova

Pundits talk about the transition from defense to offense—Sharapova specializes in the transition from offense to more offense.

Pete Bodo
I think she's in very good form right now.
Kaia Kanepi, referring to Sharapova

Obviously you're known for your groundies, but what of all the shots in your arsenal or the different exchanges you have, what gives you the most pleasure, the most joy yourself?
The shot? Probably the swing volley because I don't have to bend my knees. I can just kind of jump up and hit it.
Maria Sharapova

Kvitova was so far off that, when she tried to knock the clay out of her shoes with her racquet, she swung and missed.
Steve Tignor


Eric said...

It's moment's like when Sharapova was down break point at 3-3 in the second set when I find her incredibly hard to root for. She totally circled the wrong mark!

It's just like when she was playing Golovin in Miami (06 or 07 maybe) and Golovin rolled her ankle and Maria just turned her back and took practice swings.

Like her professionalism and focus are really positive attributes...but her uber-competitiveness can be unattractive.

Eric said...

But in terms of tennis, Petra came with the wrong mindset today. I think she should have come in with the plan to blow Maria off the court and then to use touch sparingly. Instead, at first, she kept trying to bring Maria to net but with poorly executed drop shots. And then she tried to emulate Vika and hit the ball to Maria to induce errors and take away angles...and while that kind of worked for awhile, Petra just made too many UEs.

And when she finally got a little momentum from being mad, the irritation dissipated because she was vindicated on the next wrong call. I kind of wish the second wrong call didn't happen so soon. We could've gotten a good match.

The linesmen really did a disservice to Petra today.

Diane said...

Petra is a mess. Something needs to be done.