Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Passing shots

Sam Stosur is now wearing ACICS apparel, and has signed a multi-year contract with ACICS. I'll wait and see, but I never like seeing any player bid farewell to Lacoste.

Now that Tennis TV has removed the choice of ATP, WTA or a package of both, some of us (at least one of us) have grumpily gone about buying the whole package. It isn't that I don't watch ATP--I do, a lot--but I can generally watch ATP matches on actual television, and don't feel a need to watch it on Tennis TV. I'm not very happy that I'm being forced to buy the whole package.

Katarina Srebotnik took only two days off at the end of the season.

Vania King has a brand new website.

Monica Niculescu is blogging from Auckland.

Several bloggers and tennis writers have compiled the best quotes of the 2011 season, but really, did anyone (except perhaps Serena Williams) say anything that topped Flavia Pennetta's comments after she lost to Petra Kvitova at the Australian Open? You won the first set, then what happened after that? "She won the second and the third." (I can't fault you, though, if you picked "You're a hater, and you're just unattractive inside.")


ken said...

I never loved Stosur in Lacoste. And I would like to see Roddick leave Lacoste.
I'll try to track her down in Melbourne and get a pic of her new outfit for you!!

Diane said...

That would be great. I got a glimpse on the Web, but it wasn't a good enough look. Stosur certainly didn't look as good in Lacoste as some of the other players, but the look grew on me.