Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australian Open---what they said

I felt like I was down and out. There are times where, you know, I felt like she was just returning too good. I just kept going for it.
Maria Sharapova

She's played some incredible tennis these past three weeks already, in Sydney as well. She's been able to do that before in the past, but never really throughout, you know, that same amount of time. She was capable of beating the Williams sisters, but not always in a row. I think she's been able to use that experience. She's done that really well.
Kim Clijsters, speaking of Victoria Azarenka

...probably I play more aggressive in the Wimbledon and didn't have like a lot of mistakes what I did today. But, anyway, it's there. I mean, it was fine match for the people, hopefully. I'm looking forward for the next matches. 
Petra Kvitova

This time next year do you imagine you'll be sitting watching on television or will tennis be very much in the past for you?
I have no idea. I have no idea.
Kim Clijsters

How long did it actually take you to find a serve that you were comfortable with once you came back to the game?
Well, when I came back I had to start with a different motion because, I mean, I wanted to come back so early. I couldn't quite come back as early as I wanted to. It came to a point where if you don't want to hurt things, then, you know, maybe you have to make some adjustments. That was probably a tough adjustment, because even though I changed motions many times in my career, I had to really go to a really different one which was very short and very compact. I was not used to that because I have long arms and I'm just used to kind of longer things and longer swings. But I had to do that in the beginning, and that was the toughest thing, yeah. 
Maria Sharapova

Do you remember your first ITF events in Israel in 2003?
You mean the 10,000s?
You must have been really small then, huh?
I was really small. I remember even few girls who are playing quallies here, I was playing with them. They were kicking my ass.
Victoria Azarenka


van said...

Nice roundup! I like Sharapova's comments about serving. I always thought she came back way too soon, but I know she's a competitor who just wants to play. All the off-court stuff isn't a big deal to her.

Todd.Spiker said...

Hmmm, I wonder if Clijsters is a little more noncommittal about immediate retirement than before, or just dreading having to answer the question all the time?

I thought it was interesting that she hustled off the court after the SF. Maybe to give Azarenka the spotlight, but also maybe to avoid being pulled into an interview by Rennae Stubbs and being asked to say her goodbyes to the Aussie fans. I don't often compliment her on such things, but I think it was a nice move on her part, no matter her reason.

Diane said...

I thought it was a nice move, too. I do think she'll retire, but it may not be so easy for her to do.

Thanks, Van.