Monday, January 16, 2012

Australian Open--what they said

You don't see any reason to try to maybe become 10% more conservative in your play?
I got to 24 in the world for a reason. I didn't get there by making balls.  If anybody actually ever played against me before, you would feel that I was playing about 50% usually of what I'm usually swinging at a ball. It's conservative--I mean, look at Clijsters. You think she play like that? No. She won a Grand Slam, yes. Look at Sharapova. Does she play like that? She won a Grand Slam, yes. Na Li, Kvitova, you put anyone. It's not to make balls. Only person who does it  unbelievably is Wozniacki. She makes enough balls; she doesn't miss. She's a hell of a player for it.
Jarmila Gajdosova

Somebody told me that my life has changed, and I couldn't believe it.
Petra Kvitova, on her Wimbledon win

The whole country probably hates me right now.
Sorana Cirstea

Here, it's not very bad. I have a problem when it's really humid, not hot.
Petra Kvitova, commenting on her problem with asthma

And, you know, if everybody keeps questioning, then I'm going to question my game as well. Obviously that's how it looked out there, because people keep talking about unforced errors, and I'm going to make unforced errors.  Of course. Then I stop swinging, and then you're going to miss anyway. It's not easy no matter what I'm going to do, I'm never going to do the right thing for anybody. So why to bother? You try and try, and everybody is going to say anything they want anyway.
Jarmila Gajdosova


Todd.Spiker said...

I also liked the comment Kvitova had in her ESPN2 on-set interview in which she admitted that, when she first started to play tennis as a kid, she didn't actually have all sorts of dreams of accomplishing the sort of things that she already has. "THIS is the dream," she said.

Diane said...

I've been enjoying her interviews:

"Did you find it hard to shake her in some of those close ones?"

"No, no shakes."